The marriage of Bikramjit and Chaiti Bose has survived the shattering experience of a miscarriage. Today she is pregnant again, yet both know that they are drifting apart. Bikramjit’s consistent assurance to her that there is always something interesting waiting to happen is exactly what takes place. Promoted to Editor-in-chief of a leading daily Bikramjit has even lesser time left to spend with her, driving her to greater loneliness and frustration. The Computer offers refuge from boredom, and innocent games of solitude chatting harmlessly with relatives and friends overseas. Without even realizing she gets hooked on to chatting with unknown strangers, eager to communicate. In the process, Chaiti discovered another side of herself, Charulata 2011.

Soon, cyberspace becomes her private domain, where she meets Amal, the man of her dreams. Charulata’s Amal. Exchanges of pleasantries soon turn to friendship, tottering on the dangerous fringe of a serious relationship. Yet she has never met Amal, nor seen his photograph. Chaiti is plagued by guilt that deepens as she goes through her second miscarriage. This is punishment, she feels, for her misdeeds, and shuts herself out completely from both worlds. The computer is left untouched for a month.

With his wife deteriorating by the day Bikramjit sends for his brother-in-law, Utpal and his wife Keya, already planning their summer vacation in Kolkata. When the two arrive as planned, Bikramjit finds someone to talk to after his long hours at work, and Chaiti gets a shoulder to cry upon. Bikramjit also becomes a sucker for Utpal’s mutual fund investments. Soon Chaiti is bored with Keya’s non-stop jabbering and goes back to solitaire on the screen, where she is tempted to log in. She finds hundreds of emails for her sent by Amal from London. The last one mentions his plans to spend summer in Kolkata. Amal logs in as she is about to log off, and their chat ends in a desire to meet each other, at least once. She drives to the airport to pick him up, and they spend the day together. Events escalate towards evening, and they end up having sex.

The sudden impulse cannot transcend into love. Both dismiss it as a physical urge, a one-time affair they promise to forget as soon as they leave the bachelor pad of one of Chaiti’s friends. When they part ways with a final hug, they swear never to see each other or keep in touch, even over the net. Back home later in the evening she finds a party is expected to begin at home, to celebrate the arrival of Sanju, Bikramjit’s cousin. When Chaiti’s freshens up and joins the crowd she is introduced to Sanju by her husband. Chaiti’s is shocked to find that Sanju is none other than the equally shocked and surprised Amal.

Sanju proves to be a perfect companion for Chaiti’s loneliness. Bikramjit only encourages him to spend more time with Chaiti’s and help her with a dissertation that she is writing. Even before she can realize and evaluate what has happened in her life, Chaiti is inexorably drawn towards Sanju and they end up having a passionate clandestine affair. At this point, Utpal and his wife leave suddenly, and Bikramjit realizes he has been swindled of a substantial amount of his savings on the pretext of investing in mutual funds. Bikramjit, totally disillusioned by the betrayal of faith, can confide only in the one man he can still trusts, his dear cousin Sanju.

His own betrayal of Bikramjit’s trust only intensifies Sanju feelings of guilt, leaving him more degraded morally than Utpal. Unable to come to terms with his own contradictions, Sanju chooses to escape, leaving the house in remorse, telling no one, not even Chaiti. The next morning, when Sanju’s unexplained and sudden escape is discovered, Chaiti is heartbroken by his betrayal. Deeply disturbed, Bikramjit forces himself to take a week’s vacation to a seaside resort. Husband and wife rediscover themselves, their love for each other is blossoms again, and the flames of passion rekindled. After a long time they make love. Next morning Chaiti realizes she is pregnant. But months pass before Chaiti announces her pregnancy. For a delighted Bikramjit there is the reaffirmation of his belief that “there is always something interesting waiting to happen”...

What happens next.......the film races on towards an unexpected climax. Will Bikram know the truth about his adulterous wife. Will Charuu's marriage ultimately survive?

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SPS Arts & Entertainment Ltd Presents

Line Producer

Anjan Banerjee

Debanjana Roy

Costume Design

Sudipa Mukhopadhyay

Production Design

Agnidev Chatterjee


Rabindranath Tagore



Saikat kundu


Ustad Rashid Khan



Dibyendu Mukherjee

Sudipto Gayen

Sudipa Mukhopadhyay


Ayon Bhattyacharya

(Shabdokalpodroom Communications Pvt. Ltd.)

Sound Design

Pankaj Sheal

(Shabdokalpodroom Communications Pvt. Ltd.)


Debojyoti Ghosh

(Edit Fx)


Santanu Mukherjee

Director Of Photography

Sirsha Roy

Screenplay & Dialogue

Sudipa Mukhopadhyay


Indradip Dasgupta

Associate Producer

Sonali Vohra

Piyali Bhattacharya

Produced By

Bipin Kumar Vohra

Directed By

Agnidev Chatterjee

On a fateful day, when he was in the second standard, Agnidev Chatterjee played truant from school to see a popular Hindi movie, and came out mesmerized by the moving image. He made up his mind to become a film director. He was born in 1965 in Calcutta, and started early in his chosen profession. His association with the Bengal Television Industry in India for the last twenty years has yielded over five thousand hours of television. From popular sitcoms to news, from current affairs to television drama-series and made-for-television films, he has directed almost all the genres of television programming that exist today. He was also the Executive Producer of the National Award winning English Feature Film 15 Park Avenue, directed by Aparna Sen and the critically acclaimed film Yatra, directed by Goutam Ghose.

PRABHU NOSHTO HOYE JAI (Lord, Let the Devil steal My Soul!)

The intriguing directorial debut of Agnidev Chatterjee, shot in stark black-and- white, explores the gray areas of human conscience in man-woman sexuality that flouts barriers of age, status and relationship. Lord, Let the Devil steal my Soul! highlight the complex manner in which sexual morals and social mores are rejected when lust rules. It also underscores the moral polarities between sin and pleasure, a question yet to be sensibly answered in an acceptable manner by society anywhere, at any time. Probhu Nashto Hoye Jai (Lord! Let the Devil Steal My Soul) was premiered at the Kolkata International Film Festival and was subsequently shown at the world cinema competition of the Kerala International Film Festival.

CHARUULATA 2011(Journals of A Lonely wife)

Agnidev Chatterjee’s second film Charuulata 2011 is inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s short story, Noshtonirh, earlier the source for the Satyajit Ray classic. Significantly different, it veers away from the confines of the period drama, and sets it in time contemporary, with its inherent complexities and moral chaos. Tagore’s late 19th and early 20th century ethos and Victorian morals are jettisoned for the turbulence of a society where ethics are going through swift and challenging transformation. Yet the fundamental structure of Tagore’s classic narrative continues to present disturbing questions to the moral ambivalence facing the audience of today.

Chaiti, a lonely housewife ignored by an indifferent husband, discovers an alternative existence in the cyber world, whose secrecy allows her to relinquish her inhibitions on Facebook, where her alter ego Charuulata2011 emerges as a distinctly different character. Her id now is her existence, her refuge from daily domestic melancholy. Her harmless scrapping on Facebook turns into a passionate one-night stand that soon metamorphoses into a secret affair that threatens to destroy her marriage, and her comfortable existence. The film examines the institution of marriage, and conducts a ruthless post-mortem of infidelity.

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Agnidev Chatterjee

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